Overview and History

The Bahamas was a British Colony from 1718 to 1973 when it became independent. The Bahamas consists of 700 islands, with a current population of 385,000* and Nassau as the capital city.

Bahamas Permanent Residency (EPR)

With a simple 750,000USD real estate purchase you and all your immediate family members enjoy:

  • Average temperature 24.7°C to 32°C
  • Luxury Market Homes average 1M to 15M USD*
  • No world wide income tax
  • No world wide capital gain tax
  • No tax on dividends and interests
  • No inheritance tax
  • All tax-free policies apply to all resident corporations, partnerships and trusts
  • Over 250 banks and trust licensed from United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, the United States, Japan, Canada and Brazil.
  • Prominent financial centre
  • Shop World class brands like Tiffany & Co, Chopard, Rolex,  Hublot, Cartier.
  • The largest casino in the Caribbean
  • U.S. currency is the most common
  • English Common Law System
  • Numerous International Schools
  • 35 minutes flight to Miami, Florida





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  • No age restrictions
  • Minimal documentation needed
  • No management experience needed
  • No education requirement
  • Minimal financial proof needed
  • Low investment amount 750,000 USD property investment
  • No annual residency requirement
  • Apply for Citizenship/ Passport after 10 years
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